A love in verse


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Creepily, the piano starts to play 

Downstairs – who plays? It can’t be her

She just began to rest! Oo-er!

A ghost or something? Wait though… hey!

It has that sweet, that easy flow,

That exquisite touch… and so

It must be her! You just can’t miss,

(Despite the occasional blip) that caress

Of fortunate keys… the fingers bless…

Music like a dreaming kiss

Come from a long-inspired Rose

Whom my heart knows

Who is my love, my life, makes me complete

On any star, on any shore, on any street. 


Side by Side We Always Go

Sad to think that we’re apart

Kind of hurts one in the heart 

But we’ve got a decent evening...

The Love We Share

The kids weren’t there; the sun walled up with cloud

What wan Sunday noon we walked from church into!

Our walls seemed wet...