A love in verse

Joy That Survives

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Why would I wish I were twenty years younger?

Was 1997 so great?

And even though it's getting late -

I'm 84 - I feel no hunger

To seek within the past refuge

With one proviso and it's huge:

You were there. Present content

In fact's a fraud and though I try

As best I can to just get by

And not to think my life is spent

It would be hopeless, save for the thought

Of all the joy your love has brought -

So great that joy that it survives

And hugely comforts many lives

And so my will to live revives.


Relatively Speaking

What about that Allie woman?

I’m glad to be sad if I’m with her

Truly despite what might occur...

Really Here

Though I say we’re together not apart

No matter where we are, I’d best admit

Physically here’s more glorious...