A love in verse

Sonnet: That Evil Elf

Performed by

Frustration dogs my days. There’s not one thing

That I would do that does not stand in doubt.

As if some grinning demon cast a ring

Round action so I never can reach out.

Stood static, hopes unanswered, in the fray

One act’s allowed me: I may go and kiss

Your dear sweet lips – then disharmonious day

You turn to music, anger into bliss.

When even at Easter my thin faith subsides

I’m brought to thought of Him who made us one

And then my heart (mercurial beast) derides

Our minor angst: our love lets in the sun/Son.

Hey! – It’s ok! I’ve God. I’ve you – that evil elf

Which would frustrate can go and fuck himself! 



I’m a classicist of the old school

I’m into rhyming, iambs, dactyls

Go blank sometimes, but essentially cool...


The breeze favoured me on Turnham Green 

Urging me Brentford-ward long before

The bus arrived. Air had a silver sheen...