A love in verse

Top Girl

Performed by

Desirable as jammy-dodgers

And tasty as crisp crackling pork

Everyone – young to old codgers – 

Everywhere – Bath to New York – 

It’s Alison Gordon all men seek

Bright pretty face, wasp-waisted form

Of pulchritude the very peak:

Great world for men were she the norm!

This lush-haired lady though is mine!

I use the possessive case with cool

With me tonight she’s going to dine

I choose the bestest – I’m no fool

This universal love is Pete’s 

I love her more than fruity sweets! 



Flowers and love songs are expected things

And verse like this (but better) when the talk

Concerns romantic love...



The same old questions – where to eat?

What shall I do from now till then...