A love in verse

Top Girl

Performed by

Desirable as jammy-dodgers

And tasty as crisp crackling pork

Everyone – young to old codgers – 

Everywhere – Bath to New York – 

It’s Alison Gordon all men seek

Bright pretty face, wasp-waisted form

Of pulchritude the very peak:

Great world for men were she the norm!

This lush-haired lady though is mine!

I use the possessive case with cool

With me tonight she’s going to dine

I choose the bestest – I’m no fool

This universal love is Pete’s 

I love her more than fruity sweets! 


Still in Bud

Summer’s last day it might be said

Holidays end, soon schools return

Then for another spring we yearn...


Through the drawn curtain

Daylight seems to gleam,