A love in verse

Sonnet: We Argue

Performed by
Annalie Wilson

We Argue – harmony has some bum notes

Uninterrupted bliss is not our scene

My poems suggest our love has nothing mean

Or bad about it – joy gets all the votes

To reach that far we’d both have to be saints

By definition saints cannot be married

A saint without you? I’d rather be buried

So let’s have love with no holy restraints

We’re human and we love as humans do

Coming together sometimes gives off sparks

And in the light we see how passions arc

From bright to storm and back our whole life through.

The storms are few and frankly give a sauce

To love and living it without remorse. 


A Fearsome Year

Come train through the forests of rain

Bring my girl to my aching arms

Into the night against the grain...

I Shall Not Hold You Again

In life I shall not hold you again-

I've held the box your ashes are in-

But I can't take death on the chin...