A love in verse

You Are Here

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You are here 

The walls lose the sun, the last shard

Of light caught beneath the eaves

Beckons, fades, gleams again in the chill

Of December afternoon. Long-necked geese

High over the ridge tiles ride the wind

But one change from the other afternoons:

You’re here, you’re present, heard upon the stairs

The grace of your footfall and voice bathes me

On one dim, half-lost winter afternoon

How could summer compete lacking you? 

This is bright summer of the soul for me

When you are here. 


Pedal Glories

Your pedal glories in the bed

Beside me every night

Your gorgeous feet – and strike me dead...

Brentford Autumns

The magic of many Brentford autumns

Works on me when I see great leaves

Seem more to glow with life than fade...