A love in verse


Performed by
Katherine Hurley

I look at you asleep in the dim

Dining room’s post meridian gloom

And think, how fortunate is this room

To have her there youthful and slim – 

On her bunched fingers her sweet chin rests

Whilst every side-effect she bests

None can taunt with “You can’t win”

Her fighting strength is at its peak

For though she slumbers she’s not weak

She’s restoring – beneath her skin

Are all those years surviving me – 

What greater challenge could there be?

Our prayers go up to God above

Buoyed up with the strength of our love. 


Chilly Man

We’d had bad words but now were fine

In the night she went to pee

Muttering something, the tone a sign...

The Kiss

I feel magnificent – sixteen without the angst!

It’s something to do with  just had a kiss from you – 

Thrown off me dolour...