A love in verse

My Allie, With Grace

Performed by

The leaves are embracing the sky

It’s sick how they WRITHE so, like Uriah Heep

And stroking and kissing, so craven, oh weep

You heroes whose pride is too high

You’ll never bend, you’re like Allie and me

We’re heroes it’s easy to see


When we miss something on the TV

We just say “Oh, fuck it, we’ll have to Catch Up”

And roll a nice ciggie and grab us a cup

Of strong coffee – If we see a flea

We don’t say “Alas, ‘tis the end of the world”

We laugh and cry “Arseholes!”, our foreheads unfurled.


If I spill some gunge down my shirt

I don’t get enraged, no, I’m quite philosophic

I don’t scream “Be careful, you silly great prick!”

I smile, bloody cool, saying “No-one’s got hurt”

And I turn to my Allie with grace

And smack her one right ‘cross the face


Love’s Pride

The jobs, the seasons, come and go;

It’s sunny, raining, years go by.

You do not age and seem to grow...

Blossom White – for Alison

The tree – again! – it’s roaring white

Firing snow into the air

Lean long branches flash, declare...