A love in verse


Performed by

I strode home through the rec

A fine wintry evening, one star alight

And a lonely plane, in the dimmed blue sky.

To the right, the swings, left, the wide grass,

Before, the high-rises, bright on the skyline

And I thought of eternity

Would you like to be doing this forever?

Between the trees, up the cul-de-sac,

Coming home always in the new evening

Coming home to the house, to you, forever,

On and on, through centuries?

And my heart cried yes! , this should be heaven

For there she is, my friend forever,

Yes if it’s coming to where you are

Waiting for me, loving me, in the dear house

Forever and ever – if that is my lot

I would be glad – for how could heaven be better? 


Rose Arrives

From depth of bed to springing step

(The stick discarded on the way)

From enforced tiredness to pep...

At Home

Heaven’s an autumnal room

When Allie is at home

The window-ivy shedding gloom...