A love in verse


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She will find the flowers soon

Catch them suddenly – pinks – 

In a glance, surprised, as she enters

One who loves, on a grey afternoon

Left them there who today hardly thinks

Of his love without tears. Though God meant us

To love, he knows there is pain

In loving – too much tenderness

With those old days of cuddling past

Yet though the years bring tears and rain

Let the flowers be the caress

That speaks of a love that is vast

She will see, be pleased, and forget

One day leave… I shall not regret

So blessed her Mum and I met 


A Happy Chap

There is a happy chap called Pete

Whom Allie married, she’s so sweet – 

She understands each quirk...


Just now I strode the road, wondering where

Happiness lies. Does happiness lie?

Is so much of that for which we care...