A love in verse

Coming Home

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When coming out into the evening air

The sky is filled with promise, blue or clouded

The streets are joy, the bus beyond compare

The train’s a train to heaven however crowded

The bus-stop this end’s a fantastic haven

The sixty-five (when it arrived) a dream

The Lion Red’s a rocking pub to rave in 

And Mafeking has paradisiacal gleam

As for our house, which is the place of places

As for our hall, our kitchen, everywhere

As for the ravishing wonder of your faces

Cassie and Anna, Alison ma chere

Words cannot offer even the faintest clue

Of what it’s like just coming home to you 


We Need a Lift

Nothing luminous everything drab, 

The streets are wet without the cheer of rain

The window plants...

A Continent Between

I hardly dare to write. You open a door,

A pile of crushing cares stacked up behind it

Tumble on you, and smothers: the great store...