A love in verse

The Music Museum

Performed by

Let’s go to the Music Museum again,

Let’s fulfil that silly ambition – 

Each April to October we intend to and then

Fail to maintain the ‘tradition’ – 

Well, we haven’t been this decade I know – 

Ok, twice in twenty two years!

The children when young were too bored to go

And we’d not, without our dears.

They go their own ways now, and left alone are we

Fond true lovers who love more than ever

And delight in each other and whose tastes agree

Though not too cultivated or clever – 

Loving music and old things, let’s go, you and I

To the Music Museum one day in July. 


Sweet Evening Rare

Home, among the rooms and halls

Gold light falling on stripped pine

Daffs foam from the vase, the walls...


When I remember boyhood dreams I’m sad

That all I would accomplish was not done.

‘Not all’? I might more truthfully say...