A love in verse

A propos

Performed by

Through the dark and wind that gusts and bustles,

Beneath a sky the icy moon adorns

Along cold pavements where the dead leaf rustles, 

By withered grass which long-dead summer mourns

‘Cross roads where brutal traffic the walker hustles

And traffic light the mere pedestrian scorns

I went and bought us half a pint of mussels

I went to get us half a pint of prawns

Hoping the subtle flavour gives you bliss

A propos of nothing, give me a kiss. 


Vain Summer Things

In void cloudless afternoons

With dust on kerbs, trees weary with the sun

I thought of things, things I might do...


Umbrella, protect the precious head,

Shoulders that bare the care of many things

I love her! She holds all the strings...