A love in verse

Winter Bliss

Performed by

Bleak, in a way, eh? Bleaker than the day 

Which slips up to the windowpane and splurges

“Yuck. Look at me, a deep rich miserable grey

Repressing spiritual and profane urges.”

Be off. The more the weather yucks, the warmer

Our deep snug, furry and bright home becomes

Begone dull care too, though you blow a storm, a

Fire fills the hearth, a kettle hums – 

Symbolic maybe, and yet you and me

With love look forward to our cup of tea.


Journey’s End

This the train then, this the seat

Which will carry, which will bear

A tired, loving, longing Pete...

We're In Our Prime

You place the aces in my hand

My chances better in the game

My dealing seems no longer lame...