A love in verse

Our Last Play Together

Performed by
Laura Dos Santos

I’m in the pub thinking of you

Never been to Rochester

Without you, I feel I’d prefer

Anywhere if you’re there too

I’m buried in ‘Love Letters’ now

All the concentration’s here!

Study the play! No need to fear

A world – no Rose. Work won’t allow

And then you ring and it’s all Rose

Your voice that’s like the finest bell

Has the best, best, tale to tell – 

You’re on the way. My old heart knows

World and its worry, all can cease

I’ll see you soon and I’m at peace


Cassie, Fifteen

Now you have made a great day.

As sleep draws curtains over Cassie’s mind

Sweet and lasting things are left behind...

Thanks to God

With Allie singing round the place

Gracing the stairs as I say my prayers

Letting the sun start from her face...