A love in verse

Our Last Play Together

Performed by
Laura Dos Santos

I’m in the pub thinking of you

Never been to Rochester

Without you, I feel I’d prefer

Anywhere if you’re there too

I’m buried in ‘Love Letters’ now

All the concentration’s here!

Study the play! No need to fear

A world – no Rose. Work won’t allow

And then you ring and it’s all Rose

Your voice that’s like the finest bell

Has the best, best, tale to tell – 

You’re on the way. My old heart knows

World and its worry, all can cease

I’ll see you soon and I’m at peace


Wot a Girl

She climbs in the car

Fag in mouth and hair in wind

Fiddles with the door and waves...

Constant  Birth

Creeper and ivy, gay bluebells

Norman nesting under trees

Emergent buds, the gnome that tells...