A love in verse

Raison d’Etre

Performed by

Let the waving world of leaves

Chatter away at the ends of trees

Let moons turn gold, let come what please

I know what one full life achieves

When it finds its raison d’etre

Forget fortune and fame, etc

I was meant to be your love

To find the riches of a home,

Where hearts no longer need to roam

But settle! The beginnings of

True faithful happiness – forever

To know bliss not beyond endeavour

Thank you Allie, thank you Rose

I adore you, heaven knows.


The Missing Poem

It's good to stride out with your lover at dusk

The sky is still luminous with purple clouds drifting...

Strange Summers

Strange summers, sometimes, heavily imbued

With music of uncertain pitch, have come

As we have laboured in the luxury...