A love in verse

The Old Piano

Performed by
David Tuffnell

The tears I’d gladly pay

To hear you play once more!

- I shed them anyway

Each time I listen for

Your fingers on the keys-

The thought can only tease

The rain may fall all day

The sun burn up the blue

The years may fall away

(They’ll lead me nearer you)

But always I’ll recall

Singing down the hall

That perfection of tone

And sometime hesitation

That was your very own

An almost meditation

On the pain and sweetness

When love seals life’s completeness


Alison's Photo

No I don’t tire of her smile

Her face is new each time I look

Why she is merry- in my book...

"Guess What, Love"

Sometimes you don’t remember she’s gone

-You should, it’s quiet- in the rooms, outside

And it’s quiet because she’s died...