A love in verse

Spring Without You

Performed by

No, it could never be the same-

And yet the cherry tree two doors down

Exploded in pink as if to drown

Our winter blues and put to shame

Old tears- this and a bright blue sky

Enchants- ? No, smacks me in the eye!

It’s not spring yet, but these fine trailers

May cheer a fellow recently numb

With sadness and though spring will come

With one of its most famous failures-

It cannot raise you from the earth;

It cannot give you second birth-

Yet even so, remembering how

Like spring you were, to spring I bow.


Ancient Adoration

Eat me if you’re hungry

Burn me if you’re cold

Sleep on me if you’re tired...

My Allie, With Grace

The leaves are embracing the sky

It’s sick how they WRITHE so, like Uriah Heep

And stroking and kissing, so craven, oh weep...