A love in verse

Still in Bud

Performed by

Summer’s last day it might be said

Holidays end, soon schools return

Then for another spring we yearn

As the windblown leaves grow red

Surprise, surprise! Guess what I’m saying:

In lovers’ hearts summer goes on

And no sad leaves descend upon

A resigned earth – our game’s still playing

Each kiss is worth a sunlit day

A hand’s clasp keeps the flowers growing

To bed and to the beach we’re going

Our skins turn gold in days of grey

Embraces clothe us from the cold

Joy still in bud as the year grows old. 


Storm and Stress

Across the view the long wall stretches

Dark, but topped with lonely snow

Stark branches grasp a sky that’s low...

Why Write Stuff?

With mad abandon I assay

To tell your charms in pencilled lines

My pride and impudence hold sway...