A love in verse

St David’s Day

Performed by

My daffodil, my leek, my love

My asphodel, she-dragon, you

Are green of all below, above

Including Eistedfoddau too

When, coming up inside the lift

Leaving the coalface for the day

I set my cares and woe adrift

And after showering I’m on my way

To see my Rose, my dear Welsh Rose

Queen of the valleys and my heart

I pray the pit will never close

And we will never never part

I brought a gift, my love, my soul:

A couple of hundred weight of coal! 


At Home

Heaven’s an autumnal room

When Allie is at home

The window-ivy shedding gloom...


I’m glad I have been in your knickers

And I’m going again pretty soon

Things I would not tell to vicars...