A love in verse

Sonnet: Love that Has Cost Me Dear

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How much my love for you has cost me dear

For love I have surrendered loneliness

The choice of life bereft of cheer

The vision of my world as barren mess.

I’ve given up ever more vain introspection

Then now I wallow in – I’ve had to use

Eyes of my heart and soul to find direction

Instead of that cold calculus – win or lose

What in return? The same old self remains

But modulated by your marvellous eyes

Enlightened by your love, its patient pains,

And reborn in your sweet embrace and sighs

Had I not paid so much to marry you

I’d now be rich in all that makes me blue. 


My 3 Girls

They go, in sun and wind, past standing cars

I watch their backs whom I love so

Smart and striding upright and purposeful...

Daylight is my Friend

Daylight is my Friend

To see your dear dear face...