A love in verse

What Makes Sense

Performed by

Though seasons turn it shan’t be hard

To see those last years out

Must find things different, catch them starred

By wonder and not doubt

The glories of the universe

Are mine, should I desire

To exalt in or to rehearse

A world of joy and fire

And memories of your kiss, your love,

These last are what remains

Of life’s adventures far above

So much my heart disdains

For there is only you, you, you

Though heaven itself presents

You are the wonder, the most true,

Life at its most intense-

Finally, what makes sense


No Notes

Forgive long days when no notes come

I feel the lack as well as you – 

Something creative and honest to do...

The New World

When time is old I fold my dreams

Within the earth and let them lie

Knowing that nothing’s what it seems...