A love in verse

An Autumn Walk

Performed by

Who’s my best companion for

An autumn walk by the canal?

Contented with? Couldn’t be more!

I love her so and always shall

She knows the names of birds and flowers

All of whom she’s prettier than

A mate with whom I trudge the hours

A blissfully contented man

Blackberries seemed past their date

But she is sweeter far than them – 

Over bridge and past the gate

My love is la crème de la crème!

A pint for me tops off these trips

The gin and tonic loves her lips

Then it’s home to fish and chips


New Joys

If I had time and money 

I’d take you on a cruise

But lack of cash ain’t funny...

The Wind

Peter stands, Alison stands

This is the story of our life

They stand together holding hands...