A love in verse

Sense Data

Performed by

About the centre of the small loo window 

Leaves of every ivy-colour frame

The bold obtrusion of an autumn sun

Leaf-jewels form along the vines

Cherry-red shade and delicious green.

There’s no compounding of these opposites

Each surface either red or green or bearing

Each separate – but look closer now and behold!

Some leaves blend red and green in a strange shade

Subtle and lovely! Well, you planted them

The ivy plants that now are everywhere

Blending opposing colours as your love

Within my life spreads vine and leaf

And colours sweet and sharp and dark and light

Making my days be filled with such a glory

With which November sun catches a seagull

As it wheels over roofs, against the sky. 


Journey’s End

This the train then, this the seat

Which will carry, which will bear

A tired, loving, longing Pete...

Each to His Own

These autumn days I’m chuffed inside

No chat about the ‘dying year’

Just how glad I am I’m here...