A love in verse

A Happy Chap

Performed by

There is a happy chap called Pete

Whom Allie married, she’s so sweet – 

She understands each quirk (and worse!)

In both his life and in his verse

She’ll say “Look, where this line enjambs

Has got cocked up with your iambs”.

He says to her “My darling sweet,

Concern you give my metric feet

Makes me wish them (how it rankles!)

Fair as those beneath your ankles”

But, oh, their love is so complete

It makes one think ‘that’s quite a feat’.


It’s All Here

I’m back

Facing red Victorian brick and wet slate roofs

Little dear things the kids have given grace my space...

Sense Data

About the centre of the small loo window 

Leaves of every ivy-colour frame

The bold obtrusion of an autumn sun...