A love in verse

A Happy Chap

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There is a happy chap called Pete

Whom Allie married, she’s so sweet – 

She understands each quirk (and worse!)

In both his life and in his verse

She’ll say “Look, where this line enjambs

Has got cocked up with your iambs”.

He says to her “My darling sweet,

Concern you give my metric feet

Makes me wish them (how it rankles!)

Fair as those beneath your ankles”

But, oh, their love is so complete

It makes one think ‘that’s quite a feat’.


In Tow

I want your kisses all the time 

When we embrace I know

To miss one kiss would be a crime...

Winter Bliss

Bleak, in a way, eh? Bleaker than the day 

Which slips up to the windowpane and splurges...