A love in verse


Performed by

A surly sod never content

Well almost never sad to say

Not that strife is his intent

And good intentions go astray

That’s almost not quite what I am

But sometimes circumstances shine – 

Three generations, one in a pram

His mother, our daughter, yours and mine

And us, thus four, in an ancient city

Threatening  rain but relenting,

Wandering, going in shops so pretty

Our lovely grandson focussing

All attention – then to a café 

Tea, coffee, cake and change the lad!

then home – goodbye – what more to say?

Save heaven compared would come off bad

And then, for you, ‘Orlando the Cat’

What could be better – such love! – than that? 


Missing You

Oh, long the day you are not near!

Though there’s no cloud the sun is dim

How long the day where you’re not here...

Never Ending Dawn

The treasures of time are loaded on my back

What a welcome burden! Memories alone 

Would be a lottery win...