A love in verse

Our Cass

Performed by

What can you say about our Cass?

She’s thirty-seven today, God bless

Whether happy or in a mess

Adorable – one would be crass

Not to love her as we do

And say “We’re always there for you”

The little grandson given us

Is biggest treasure of them all

But yet her work – so admirable – 

For sad sick children deserves a fuss

Made over her which I should make

More often, for her spirit’s sake

Yes our Cass does amazingly

What marvellous girls ours grew to be! 


At Time of Trouble

I love you good or bad

You love me – the same way

It should not make us sad...


I’m not good but I’m lucky that’s the truth

First, being wed to fragrant Allie King

Then dad to Cassie D and Anna Ruth...