A love in verse

Nothing Except What’s Good to Give

Performed by

She sees me off to go shopping

Loving wife of older man

He’s fit though, he’s no also-ran

He strides out never stopping

Inspired by her so fond and waving

Thinks with each step: my life she’s saving

Without her I’d be long ago lost

She’s given me children, constant love,

A home, a place to be proud of,

Framed in her style. To me, the cost

Was nothing except what’s good to give

Love – an easy way to live

In my life of simple rapture

I spread my net - and what a capture! 



Shall I begin with your rare hair

Heaven to press my face against?

Eyes to bring me to despair...

Still in Bud

Summer’s last day it might be said

Holidays end, soon schools return

Then for another spring we yearn...