A love in verse

Really Here

Performed by

Though I say we’re together not apart

No matter where we are, I’d best admit

Physically here’s more glorious, my dear heart;

We’re human and we’re lovers and that’s it. 

We have reserves; for separation’s sting

To smart less we have garnered strength

Over decades – heart’s always will take wing

Along the line between, whatever its length.

What scissors or what saw could cut the tie?

Why, none. No storm could wash away the line.

But still, to have you sitting just close by

Is heaven – and I think it’s heaven’s design

So, yes, though I could phone or write a letter

To have you only steps away is better. 


The Dalai Lama Speaks to Me

The Dalai Lama speaks to me:

“You need Nirvana – Freedom, see?

No longer one...

Christmas Passed

All the pounding banks and pockets take

Slowly ceases to sound

We chuck the last uneaten Christmas cake...