A love in verse

Good Morning

Performed by

When you’re putting on the second shoe

Time’s getting on but not too late

And a lovely voice calls up to you

“Ready – just putting it on the plate”

And the smell of bacon meets you on the stairs

And you follow it hungrily down to its source

To see the dish you’d wish for in your prayers

Fried eggs and bacon – tomatoes, of course

Delicate mushrooms – fried bread, the lot

In a splendid kitchen bright with the spring

All perfectly cooked (colourful and hot)

By a perfect lady who makes your heart sing

Smiling and bright-eyed , beautiful, gay

With skin smooth as cream from Devon

Well, you can only express it one way:

That’s as near as you get to heaven! 


We Lose a Little of Our Soul

No one can quite understand 

Not young exactly THEN

The wildness of the Sixties...


When you ail you reassess

Your life with cold criteria

You feel you’re old and life’s a mess...