A love in verse

Ever Young

Performed by

I’ve never thought of you as less than young

Though things concern you – imagined lines, maybe

White veins among your hair’s dark ore; among

You sweetnesses no sign of time I see.

My best girl has of what youth has the best

Within her colours most of all is green;

To hear her larking laugh you might have guessed

Her all of twenty-odd; but what I mean

Is that it’s truly never caught my mind

That you have age; and when your beauty shines

The light is that which in new things we find

That glows forever and never defines

No: you’re my ever young my ever now

My ever sweet and lovely youthful you. 


Life Blessed

The sweet-peas that she gathers 

Are destined for some jar

She walks the garden, scissors in hand...


This to the girl with the world on her shoulders

(Family, work, all the problems that press)

I love you...