A love in verse

Sammy & I

Performed by

Sammy’s lying on your side

At last I think she feels you there

An answer to her feline prayer;

A loving spent undenied

Sammy is now content and purring

I think she feels your spirit stirring

She’s learned at last- love will not die

You do not haunt, you light the air

You laugh and misery and despair

Depart - for Sammy, dear, and I

Are glad to be here, where you are

And truth to tell, you’re never far

Sammy’s gone- the intensity

Of your presence is fine for me

For her, a little too much maybe.


I’ll Be Around

Soon the winding counties will 

Be lost behind me, motorways

And bending roads, the shopping malls...

The Mystery of Light

The stars will come soon

Down to the earth they’ll dip

To study you – they’ll bring the moon...