A love in verse

Mafeking Avenue

Performed by

A woman who’s been through the world

And travelled the length of life and seen

And suffered, loved, enjoyed and been 

By fate and teeming existence hurled

Into a play up north with me

That is how our love came to be

Our ways were joined and then there came

Two lovely daughters – long left home

But constantly with us – and you can comb

The streets of the land, there’s none might claim

A better sense of family ties

And we’re so glad for all we have:

We four, late of Mafeking Av



Allie Gordon is my girl

Than her there is no better

She set my head in quite a whirl...

Nothing Except What’s Good to Give

She sees me off to go shopping

Loving wife of older man

He’s fit though, he’s no also-ran...