A love in verse

Pretty Okay

Performed by

I can’t crib at being alive

It ain’t too bad. I got this place – 

A woman with a smashing face

(And other things) I took to wive

Not wealthily, but happily – 

Yeah, the world’s okay for me

Well, she transformed it in a sense – 

I went along, quite bright of mind

But to things of the heart quite blind

Messing my life – in short, real dense

She changed all that. Her eyes are blue. 

Her hair is gold. Her love is true. 


Each to His Own

These autumn days I’m chuffed inside

No chat about the ‘dying year’

Just how glad I am I’m here...


You are my life: there’s no divide

Hard words could cause or temper bring

I love you more than being or thing...