A love in verse


Performed by

Lights everywhere – long lights along a road.

Gold globes around a common estate 

Small lights in high rise flats.

Do not remind me of your eyes – 

Dull flecks what do they mean? 

There is such blue flame in your gaze

Blue is cold but not your blue

The differing city lights are cold

Light comes from yours like blue gas flame

And burns like that. Their memory

Burns me now I’m brazed with love.

I consider the blaze your arms

Body, eyes ignite. I’m matched, I flare

I light the cigarette that’s in your mouth.

Draw me in. 


All I Want

We sit opposite at the table

You have reached your hand to mine

They clasp...

Separation and Content

We all suffer separation

Some more than others – I 

A self-absorbed of long duration...