A love in verse


Performed by
Ivy Omere

When I remember boyhood dreams I’m sad

That all I would accomplish was not done.

‘Not all’? I might more truthfully say ‘none’

(Not even a good darts player like my Dad)

I would have had adventures overseas,

And fought the jungle, been in wars, seen life,

Then written all I’d seen of war and strife – 

Ah! been a Shakespeare, all the world to please.

Then I consider what I have. I see

Our willowy daughter dancing on the tiles

Our darling Cassie light the day with smiles

Because I’m back. And when, shining at me.

I see your blue eyes “Poor Will, and the rest”

I say, “They had not these, nor ever knew the best.”


We Need a Lift

Nothing luminous everything drab, 

The streets are wet without the cheer of rain

The window plants...


She will find the flowers soon

Catch them suddenly – pinks – 

In a glance, surprised, as she enters...