A love in verse

I Shall Not Hold You Again

Performed by
Obioma Ugoala

In life I shall not hold you again -

I've held the box your ashes are in -

But I can't take death on the chin

Or moon about 'remember when'

For I've your picture by my side

Caught in a flash of happiness-

Saying 'Get lost!' To all distress

With shining eyes and a smile so wide

But more than consolation, this

For me, is a focus on your spirit

And not just hope alone is in it

Or a memory of bliss;

Above all these your strength is there

To lift me up and bid me dare



Dancing Along the Footpaths

Dancing Along the Footpaths

My girl and me we have it all

In this wet and tired year...


Dreamy Angel

All wrapped up in the duvet

One small face smugly appears

Eyes closed. Charming. I’ll obey...