A love in verse

Her Last Return

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I signed her last return today

The Alison file is empty now

With this last year she's over the brow

Of the hill and far, so far away.

No! I've much more to think about:

Her gorgeous embrace as warm as toast,

That smile, her laugh... But, ah, the best,

Most missed, most loved (I want to shout),

Simply her lovely, physical being,

Touching, hearing, smelling, seeing!

Her spirit speaks, but through my brain -

Oh, Allie, I long to hold you again


I Shall Not Hold You Again

In life I shall not hold you again-

I've held the box your ashes are in-

But I can't take death on the chin...

After the Decision

Stay with me in the race. I’m hanging in the saddle

Almost off. Reach now from your sure mount

And steady me. Seat assured...