A love in verse

From All Mankind

Performed by
Maya Sohndi

If my love should live forever

She’ll go on murdering crosswords cos

(No one can deny) she’s clever

Inbuilt brilliance – she can toss

A clue to cause Einstein vexation

Off with zero hesitation

Taste? She’s got it in great buckets

Music, books, art – and her cooking! – 

Patient, too, you’ll hear no “Fuck its”

And, on top, she’s so good looking 

But as for proof of her great taste, she

Went and chose from all mankind – Me

Tall, svelte, muscular, at DIY

I’m the best, patient and kind

Where I go the girls all sigh

“Handsome, intelligent, refined”

They say. “But Alison’s destroyed our hopes

We’ll go back home and watch the soaps”.


In Tow

I want your kisses all the time 

When we embrace I know

To miss one kiss would be a crime...

The Wager

The best have loved the worst

Love’s no criterion

Of merit – that I am first...