A love in verse


Performed by

I’m a classicist of the old school

I’m into rhyming, iambs, dactyls

Go blank sometimes, but essentially cool

In the classical manner even if it kills

And the ancient themes of love and that

And growing old and missing old places – 

And having a Muse? – I’m where it’s at!

I got the best – the finest of faces

Like Cleopatra or Helen of Troy

Only better! – sorry yours ain’t classic

My Muse sure makes me a lucky boy

It’s not for me money – she knows I’m brassic

Take away the T and she’s fantasic!


“I Love Alison”

Darkness has won - though street-lamps soldier on 

Still overall oblivion’s in the sky

Thick and ruthless enemy of the eye...

The Garden

Stepping out from the wooden shed

Before me’s the garden (and then the house)

There's every shade, from deepest red...