A love in verse

Diagnosis Day Plus Ten

Performed by
Ursula Early

When the stars go home at dawn

And the moon shuts up his shop

When hunting owls caught on the hop

Treeward on grey wings are borne

My romance is deep asleep

And I in dreams her company keep

Likewise when the sun’s abroad

And traffic roar invades the sky

We’ll be wandering, she and I,

The Kentish streets in sweet accord

For each other we adore

And could not love each other more

In thickest night or radiant sun

Asleep, awake, our hearts are one. 



The cat’s not on our bed today

Instead she’s in your room

I leave the curtain so no ray...

Arrogance and Luck

Watch those trim ankles and paranormal feet

At other end fab hair – elle est magnifique!

“Could I be bathed so gloriously...