A love in verse

Christmas With No Money

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The winter afternoon’s dim 

Dimmer still the light through the pub window

Under which two wan people sit


She, her eyes touched with tears

He sad

They’ve had a visit from an old enemy

Mr Money’s-short-and-it’s-Christmas-time

And the drinks don’t do much

They talk it out and, hearts half healed,

They leave. Another caller comes

As they shop and talk and wait for the bus

He has not much to say

And his title’s short, though they’ve known him long

Mr I-love-you, Mr I-love-you

And within an hour they’re laughing



We’re made for love and we’ve retained

That childhood dream despite the care

And hard frustrations that have rained...

Day’s Reprieve

The garden settles in for the evening

The sun’s gone down behind the trees

The still light sky won't let the night bring...