A love in verse

Baxter Passes

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The vet could not have been more sympathetic 

The kidney failure being quite advanced

The food ingested would become emetic

Quality of life could no way be enhanced

The runt of a litter eighteen years ago

(Born in our wardrobe!) struggling to survive

Allie helped him from the womb. He’d grow

Black, sleek and beautiful – and so alive

He won prizes: ‘Cat with the most beautiful eyes’

‘The handsomest pet’. Through three decades he went

It was his longevity we most prized

“He’ll live forever” I said; half joked, half meant

We watched the syringe ease into his vein

He died gently, bright eyes open, freed from pain. 



You’re as wise as you are pretty 

When you say to me “Let go”

And when I think it a monstrous pity...

The Old Joanna

Sometimes everything is grace

Sunday evening after dinner

My love plays – talent’s in her...