A love in verse

A Time and Place

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When I wake you up for morning tea

I always feel immensely fond – 

You’re drowsy and not quite yet beyond

The borders of sleep – it’s a child I see

A kid who’s quite adorable

With eyes half open, and vulnerable

We put on your gown, you go to the loo

I sit at the table with the tea

Thinking, what a delight it will be

Enjoying that early hour with you

And so I do – we smoke and sip

And let the conversation rip

You wake and I long to cuddle and kiss

But, sleepy, you might not appreciate this! 


Our Last Play Together

I’m in the pub thinking of you

Never been to Rochester

Without you, I feel I’d prefer...

The Ancient Butterfly

When love and lust are turned to dust 

And time has gone doolally

A butterfly will flutter by...