A love in verse


Performed by

The same old questions – where to eat?

What shall I do from now till then?

Somewhere in England rise again

In a life that’s half complete,

Wandering from theatre to theatre – 

Which may be worse, which may be better.

Down Lichfield Street, the lights turned on

For Christmas glow against a sky

That’s dusty orange – a coloured sigh

For that late autumn sun just gone. 

It’s merry, lovely; shan’t complain

Or sing “I miss you” once again

Each sparkling light is just for you,

That fond rich autumn sky as well,

The blest bus, the bright shop tell

Those tales of which I’ve written a few!

Of lovers who, though kept apart,

Live together in one heart. 



That I do love you darling so, 

Oh, know;

That I so ache that I may take...


I don’t want to disturb you but

Nor do I wish to lie

And say I’m happy watching grey welsh...