A love in verse

We Lose a Little of Our Soul

Performed by

No one can quite understand 

Not young exactly THEN

The wildness of the Sixties

The promise of things when

Tight restraints were stretching

To and past their breaking point – 

Freedom to throw away your tie

And smoke a crafty joint,

Burst, like a new dawn, on a world

Suffering since the war;

A gay parade came – at the head

Sergeant Pepper – the Fab Four

Four were few enough – EACH ONE

Part of a perfect whole

When any went – John and now George

We lose a little of our soul

That’s why we wept St Andrew’s day

George Harrison was dead

I’m glad we share – it draws us close 

In blessings on his head 


Come to the Show

Chivalrous feelings restrain 

A chap who is your worshipper

And yet the fact must remain...

Seeking You

Here in the marvellous garden

The magic shadows play;

With the sunlight’s pardon...