A love in verse

Time and Years and Dreams

Performed by

What a long long way I’ve come

- Time and wood and stars - 

But way back things began to hum

- Skies and trees and wars - 

Two decades past, things looking black

Found myself on the right track

Glad I never once looked back

 - Earth and birds and scars -

Saw you sitting by the road

- Sea and bread and tears - 

We each had a heavy load

- Homes and grass and stairs - 

Guess my heavy care was me

Yours was you, now we could see

Light for you and I were we

- Wine and games and years - 

Now no weight can put us down

- Bricks and birth and streams - 

Though fate sometimes seems to clown

- Cats and stone and schemes - 

A little dance along the way

Or a wee bit tired and grey

But more and more in love each day

- Touch and kids and dreams – 


We're In Our Prime

You place the aces in my hand

My chances better in the game

My dealing seems no longer lame...

As Time Goes By

We’ve said goodbye for what seems long

But I’ll be brave in time between

Although the pickings may be lean...