A love in verse

There is a Lady I Hold Dear

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There is a lady I hold dear

So much in my heart she stars 

Angel’s eyes survey me clear

Sees all my faults and yet none jars

Seems not to find me slow and dense

My being alive to her makes sense

Life but for her is ribbed with sadness

We come, live, pass, decades roll by

The ways of men are filled with madness

Rooted when they long to fly

These things would lean on me too much

But for her inspiring touch

I may seem earnest, solemn – daft! 

I get moods like verse one and two

Then we’re together and we’ve laughed

And life is gay (old sense) and true

Sad and serious, laughing, fun…

She’s here, she’s now and she’s the one


Vain Summer Things

In void cloudless afternoons

With dust on kerbs, trees weary with the sun

I thought of things, things I might do...

In Bath

Though you cannot see my face

Let this note for now replace

That far from lovely feature...