A love in verse

The Spell

Performed by

The windows are grimy: I think of you 

And they’re translucent suddenly

The day is grey but with a few

Thoughts of you it gleams for me

The dusty street becomes a wonder

A heaven, with the spell I’m under

The spell works best when you’re around

Making my eyes mirrors of joy

Transforming every random sound

To splendid music: a dreamy boy

Young with love’s daftness am I with you

And with its wisdom an old sage too. 



I’m a classicist of the old school

I’m into rhyming, iambs, dactyls

Go blank sometimes, but essentially cool...

Brentford Autumns

The magic of many Brentford autumns

Works on me when I see great leaves

Seem more to glow with life than fade...