A love in verse

The New World

Performed by
Kevin Murphy

When time is old I fold my dreams

Within the earth and let them lie

Knowing that nothing’s what it seems

And hopes diminish to a sigh

Save when I look into new time

Glowing gold outside the range

Of everyday – for with you I’m

Fulfilled – I need no dreams. It’s strange

But perfect; my new world with you

For its ingredients I taste

And satisfied I want no view

No dreamscape other – that’s a waste

Of my new time, in which to see

You breathe, look in your dazzling eyes

And hold all heaven close to me

And live beneath your better skies


The Wager

The best have loved the worst

Love’s no criterion

Of merit – that I am first...

My 82nd

I gladly raise this glass of scotch

To my girl Allie Rose, my love

Who bought the bottle, certain of...